Conference / Banquet hall

Atami Korakuen Hotel is ideal for conventions. There are perfect facilities for Japanese-style parties and conferences.
We offer you a various types of banquet facilities to suit each style of gatherings.


Conference Hall "Shuho"

This multi-purpose space equipped with the latest audio-visual systems and lighting is suitable for a wide range of business use, including international conferences, various types of receptions, sales and exhibitions, workshops and presentations. Depending on the intended usage, it can be partitioned off to provide up to 5 separate spaces.

Facilities / usage of main conference room

Description of Facilities

  • Floor area / 820m²(18.6m X 44m)
  • Height from floor to ceiling: 6m, Room can be partitioned into 5 different spaces
  • Studio for adjusting lighting, sound and visual systems
Banquet Hall

Banquet Hall

The hotel has large and medium-sized banquet halls. The main banquet hall can accommodate up to 500 guests in the room with 432 tatami mats, making it suitable for large seminars or banquets. A medium-sized banquet hall that can accommodate 90-100 guests with 96 tatami mats is also available.

  • Main Banquet Hall "Shikiden" / 432 tatami mats
  • Ballroom "Aitaka" / 96 tatami mats
  • Banquet Hall "Aoi" / 29 tatami mats
  • Banquet Hall "Kaede" / 16 tatami mats