In Response to the Novel Coronavirus.
Our facility will be implementing the following measures in response.
・In an effort to prevent and minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus, we are promoting proper sanitation within the facility.
・Hand sanitizer is now available throughout the hotel. We highly recommend practicing proper hand sanitization at all times.
・We request that anyone who is running a fever, or is otherwise in poor physical condition, refrain from entering the premises.

3 Specialties of Atami Korakuen Hotel


Only 50 minutes from Tokyo by Shinkansen

Convenient access from central Tokyo is one the advantages of Atami, making it recommended for both overnight stays and day trips.
It is easier to travel, even if you have a lot of luggage.

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Large public bath with 100% natural onsen and the ocean and fireworks views.

Large public bath with onsen from our own spring source.
Picturesque views from 25 meters up soothe your mind and body.

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A resort that enables you to savor Atami to the full.

You can revel in the panoramic view of the deep blue Sagami Sea by day, and the lights of Atami City glimmering like jewels at night.

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About Atami

"Atami," is a famous onsen resort situated on the east coast of the Izu peninsula.
It is 50 minutes from Tokyo and 100 minutes from Nagoya by Shinkansen (bullet train).
The finest quality of onsen, which dates back approximately 1250 years, have healed a number of Japanese celebrities.
Atami's mild temperate and climate coupled with the natural environment of the scenic ocean and mountains, attract visitors throughout a year.
Atami's famous Fireworks Festival, which is held several times a year, has been recognized as a symbol of Atami and visited not only by locals but also by tourists from the world.
The brilliant colors of fireworks burst across the night sky of Atami will be surely one of the unforgettable memory of Japan.

About Atami Korakuen Hotel

Atami Korakuen Hotel is one of the largest hotels with onsen in the Atami area.
Enjoyed by many, it features a large onsen that offers a panoramic view of the ocean. In the early morning, you are able to enjoy the magnificent sunrise from the ocean while relaxing in the bath.
Atami Korakuen Hotel consists of Tower Building with all rooms with ocean views and AQUA SQUARE with a variety of guest rooms.
To satisfy your palate, we offer a Japanese-style multi-course dinner (Kaiseki) or a buffet prepared with fresh seafood.
By taking advantage of our hotel facilities, such as main banquet hall, spa and souvenir shops, you will be able to enhance your stay in Atami without leaving the hotel.
It is only 50 minutes from Tokyo and 100 minutes from Nagoya by Shinkansen (bullet train).
For your convenience, we also provide shuttle bus service between the hotel and JR Atami Station.
We are looking forward to welcoming in Atami, the quality of a Japanese onsen resort.

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Atami Korakuen Hotel

Tower Building with ocean views in all rooms, AQUA SQUARE with a variety of room types
Ocean front large public bath with 100% natural onsen
Cuisine made with a plenty of fresh seafood
We are looking forward to welcoming you.